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  • Mr. Arkadin

    Mr. Arkadin


    (corinth version)
    Arkadin investigates himself in order to cover up his tracks while the narrative is told through the haze of flashbacks, and what ensues is Welles' labyrinth of paranoia. the Arkadin character's introduction in a Third Man radio play spin-off furthers the convoluted origin of this film, one with half a dozen versions and none of them definitive. Welles gallivants around the historic architecture of the european exteriors and his highly stylized sets with ease after having to do…

  • My Blueberry Nights

    My Blueberry Nights


    despite the language/country of production, thematically and aesthetically this is a Wong movie through and through. the dissonance of american & british actors reciting the WKW-isms I'd only read in subtitles proved to be more strange than ineffective, even if I personally took issue with a few of the performances. of all the american milieus for Wong to start with, the mid-aughts soft acoustic coffeehouse vibe was not what I would have expected, but it works just right for his classic…

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