The Driver

The Driver ★★★★

extremely satisfying to watch a movie that has been recommended to you for years and years and then it's just as good as it was hyped up to be, and for different reasons than expected. obviously, the car chases are incredible. sloppy driver POV shots quickly cut against steady, masterful wides, unique location work, awesome cars (i can't believe he drives a small 2-door pickup truck for the last 30 minutes of this film), crowded streets and empty parking garages. but what struck me the most is the dynamic character work; nobody in this film is remotely a normal person. The Driver is a european arthouse type (Le Samurai or even a Bresson lead dumped into an exploitation movie), Adjani's character is a (beautiful) cypher that only The Driver seems to understand, Bruce Dern is a blabbermouth psycho detective who shouldn't fit in a movie with those two, the greasy hippie cowboy-suit bagman is... extremely greasy, and there's even that train station cop who sees Adjani's purse get stolen and just kinda stares into the camera for few seconds like a bozo. LA is completely alien in this film — wet and bathed in teal at night, and totally brown while the sun is out — it's like an anti-Hollywood movie full of the faces and action that the town produces.

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