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  • Inside Llewyn Davis
  • Dog Day Afternoon
  • Yi Yi
  • The Passenger

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  • Super Dark Times

    Super Dark Times

    I interviewed the writers and director of Super Dark Times back in October! We talked about their process, understanding your own art, and breaking into the film industry. They were very nice and cool. Check it out here! aspectfilmjournal.web.unc.edu/2021/04/entering-the-industry-during-super-dark-times/
    Here's an excerpt:

    LP: The idea of looking at a movie as a puzzle to be solved and not as an experience to be had, or that there is a one single answer that is correct and the others are wrong…

  • Cruising



    I wrote an article about Cruising and what it does and doesn't imply. And if it's good (maybe?) or if that even matters (kinda). It's for UNC's Aspect! Check it out! Here's a little taste of the thesis 😋

    The most prominent motif in Cruising is that of double meaning, repetition and parallel construction. In its clearest moments, this doubling establishes that the line between pursuer and pursued is blurred and even flipped, most commonly in the relationship between the…

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