Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

Theres something about this one this that’ll always hit me hard. Maybe it’s not he fact that’s it feels as if I’m living my “darkest timeline” at times. But man, this one will always be with me. Everything about it is so great. Choreography, story, characters, humor; all of it. The first time I saw this, I saw the family drama, but this time it all clicked with me. The movie is about the meaningless of our day to day life, how we do the same simple actions, over and over again, yet we dream of something more. We want to see something more with our day to day life. There’s a search to find a diffrent time, one where instead of making a wrong choice, we made a choice we find more fulfilling. How different would our lives be without that choice? Would our lives be any better without it being made? What sort of beauty is there in what we consider  strange? What is there with life? But yet, there’s something that makes every moment of our lives worth it, the little moments and the people. Each Evelyn had some connection there, some moment, someone to make her life worth living through. It’s these moments it’s these people it's what makes life worth living. Who cares if there exist a “perfect timeline” for you to live through, that version of you will never have the connections that you make in these few moments everything makes sense.

“Just Be A Rock”

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