Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell ★★★★½

interesting not so much for its surface-level cartesian preoccupations as the tools it gives us for understanding embodiment, affectively and as a social function. we dream and we pass from techne to flesh to digitality and back again, reconstituted identically and yet indescribably different. we meet our selfhood as a reflection and origin, passing through it to once more achieve perception. for whatever it is worth, i "see myself" in the major's joyous plummet and gnawing emptiness: her body, like mine, is a commodity outside her control (she comes with a warranty, after all), the balkanized and opaque state which owns her flesh and soul analagous to the indifferent and labyrinthine medical establishment that owns mine, at least in their cointense, knowing and not knowing, use of power and dependency.
dive. dive and lose yourself. dive and risk your body. the epistemic knot of mistrust cannot be severed once it wriggles into your very mode of existence, and so we dissolve ourselves and becoming something else. the body, grotesquely dehumanized, rips itself apart at the moment of physical apotheosis. "then, i too will achieve death". i long to remain myself

great flick tho

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