Prince of Darkness ★★★★★

divine revelation is inscribed in unicode; angels speak through the language of differential equations. prophetic nightmares are recorded in shaky videotape and disseminated through disbelieved dreams. Carpenter unearths the sublime gothic excess beneath the stultifying beige of urban sprawl, and, in doing so, reveals the secret evil kept in the flesh of men. insects work away at the edges of the world, tiny extant forms of decay amassing into something terrifying and cataclysmic. a man is nothing more than a pile of cockroaches in a suit, and even that collapses as if it were nothing. a virgin birth occurs where there is no virgin and where nothing is born. he plays (in an almost Lynchian fashion) with mirror images and doublings to suggest the rot at the heart of materiality itself, as if what allows us to perceive ourselves as good is only the fact that we can’t see what’s really in the mirror. a man approaches his image and the film ends.

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