Spontaneous Combustion ★★★★★

more than anything else, a family melodrama (hooper is infinitely better on filial neuroses than spielberg, whatever people might say), "america's first nuclear family" caught in the conflagration of atomic flame as it scurries surreptitiously across a generational gap to devour new bodies. hooper has us dining at cafe kitsch with b movie flair - hope everyone who loved twin peaks the return part 8 appreciates that hooper saw those demons first. it melts - nothing else - just plastic; but the charred merry-go-round spins still, our gifted trinkets always outliving us, in lovingly preserved boxes or in landfills. you get out of a child exactly what you put into it - so what does the child of a nuclear family look like? grotesque, shambling, scarred, rageful, everything around him alight with his anger. on our radios, preachers and psychics already know what's coming. expect power surges in your area.

let me help, i can take your fire

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