Eva has written 18 reviews for films rated ★★★★★ during 2020.

  • Red Spirit Lake

    Red Spirit Lake


    new age eliding itself into millenarian psychoticism afflicted with death-throe visions of rapacious capital's devouring, chauvinistic tendrils. angels comin soon, angels comin soon, angels comin soon. hazy, garish, hypersexual - soulless and fractured, prismatic and infinitely generative. a vision of the kingdom, distilled with a bullet into blood colouring the ice. so full of blossomed colour, so abundant with life. holy ghost vengeful witch girl canon.

  • Howl's Moving Castle

    Howl's Moving Castle


    fav movie

  • The Living Dead Girl

    The Living Dead Girl


    the two little girls and their music box.

    i am your death

  • Lot in Sodom

    Lot in Sodom


    in contrast to Kenneth Anger's Fireworks, which posits gay desire as flammable, incendiary, always ready to erupt in a burst of violence and be reborn, here it is fire itself, and, further, the fire which consumes itself. from below, from above, there is flame, consumption, destruction, sometimes avaricious and sometimes punitive, bodies melt and flicker, dreams bleed through reality and awaken the holy. the spectator becomes entombed through and for that very act, frozen in eternal contemplation of the spectacle of abject desire's abject end. wish it were more pornographic tho if we're being honest

  • Mysterious Skin

    Mysterious Skin


    tender clutches,
    run run run
    i am thinking of you

  • Eggshells



  • Céline



    vanished souls and astronaut gods, a study in the newtonian motion of grace through the world, its restless flow and the alluvial hollows it carves in its shape. it is learned through practices of care, not for ourselves, but for others, such that we might unlearn our trite miseries: what we seek to create is a vast, lovely emptiness within ourselves, a desert and a beach. but grace is a hard thing to bear, and the miracles that attend it…

  • Talking Head

    Talking Head


    i am not qualified to unpack this

    greatest movie ever made?

  • The Brown Bunny

    The Brown Bunny


    "a wider than wide shot, a single figure, tiny and nothing more than a blur of white, hastening across the emptiness. and he is left behind almost immediately, never to be returned to. the opening minutes of this film are something of an ekphrasis, as the roar of engines draws near and far, silence cresting and falling tidally, an artwork of motion and noise reduced to hazy inclarity. this pseudo-ekphrasis then, as we are to discover, unfurls itself as a…

  • Night on the Galactic Railroad
  • Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer

    Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer


    the greatest 2 ever do it does it yet again.....

    as spatial and temporal logics warp and stretch like bubbling plastics in heat, the episodic logic of eros and affect, dream and joke, begins to set in in cascading eddies and epicycles, wearing away with each new turn of the wheel until the holes in the framework become unbearable. a dream is an evil, selfish thing, especially the dream of the perfect house and the perfect family, desire and the…

  • Alucarda



    "do you know how small creatures love each other?"

    full of rage, most of all at the way the world treats the girls who are marked, whose difference is inscribed in their appearance and discerned in their speech. blood soaked habits are the proof of a miserable love, whose reciprocation is a thunderbolt to the jugular; God is capable of nothing more than cruelty. the ecstatic and the abnegating, not dialectical but unequal: "i worship life; you worship death". death…