Paprika ★★★★½

Paprika is only the second film of Satoshi Kon that i have seen, yet he is slowly becoming one of my favorite directors. It's a true shame that he died so young because he was making some of the most genius anime films of the past few years, and Paprika is one of them.

When one of the machines is stolen from the research facility, Dr. Atsuko Chiba must find out who stole it and make sure it didn't fall into the wrong hands. The story is somewhat difficult to follow at first, but after a whole you get used to the dream logic in this world. The characters are all very layered, as is the story which has an underlying theme of how reality and fiction (dreams, movies) interact and shape one another. The story is mind bending and strange, but also sweet and human.

The animation is gorgeously bonkers in this film. The dream worlds mixed with Satoshi Kon's signature creative transitions give this film an incredibly unique visual style. The film is full of dazzling and sometimes terrifying imagery.

After watching this fantastic film I really need to watch the rest of Satoshi Kon's films. In his short time on earth he made some of not only the best anime films I've seen, but just some of the best films period. You can see his influence his films have had on Hollywood directors like Christopher Nolan. Paprika is a wild, endlessly inventive and beautifully made science fiction film and is a must watch.