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  • Based on an Untrue Story

    Based on an Untrue Story


    Cue in some Angelo Badalamenti and grab your wine glass because this spoof is the real deal. Based on an Untrue Story is the best conception of TV dramas and Lifetime schmaltzy since that time you killed your mother and borne your lost, unknown half-brother who turned out to be your sister. Morgan Fairchild channeling that fondue cheese to Razzi heights of hysteria and dumb blonde logic including a monumental theme song, "girl is clueless, if that girl ever had…

  • Final Judgement

    Final Judgement


    Maybe only for the purest of Dourif fans: Brad Dourif as a gumshoe detective priest tailing a young, leather jacket wearing artiste who’s murdering strippers and women of the night? Lord have mercy!

    Playing heavily on its theme of good and evil, light vs dark with surprisingly great cinematography constantly using shadows or lightness to set the tone — the killer’s warehouse studio with cascading blue light is *chef’s kiss* Sexuality is entrapping people into darkness, and our priest Dourif…

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  • Stranger by Night

    Stranger by Night


    Gregory Dark takes on a heavier and more handed psychological fetish as Steve Bauer plays a man plagued by the violence of his father consumed in fear of becoming just like him. Bauer is divine for the role because he has that New York sexy and maverick cop vibe; tough exterior and soft inner core. My girl Jennifer Rubin is his psychologist and lover defending his problems to the very end! True love! Bauer's nightly excursions aren't just for love…

  • Stalked by My Doctor: A Sleepwalker's Nightmare

    Stalked by My Doctor: A Sleepwalker's Nightmare


    More more more! So we ended the phenomenon known as "Stalked By My Doctor" and I didn't do a write up for each movie deciding to encapsulate my full thoughts on the final installment. This one specifically is way more horror, and is the only one not directed and written by Doug Campbell (a force to be reckoned with), missing the extreme tonal shifts of the other entries. Unabashedly stupid, following two women with sleeping disorders as our doctor manipulates…

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  • The Daytrippers

    The Daytrippers


    A Proto-Little Miss Sunshine: unseen micro-budget family van ride story. Everyone’s idiosyncrasies and flaws comedically on display, subtle holiday feel goods of Seinfeld relatability.

    Highlight is Liev Schrieber playing “smartest guy in the room” writer-type who loves indulging about his Kafkaesque novel and aristocracy. Parker Posey plays mostly blasé cool Posey (I’m not complaining) who chain smokes and has a weakness for said intellectual writer types (raises hand), and Hope Davis as adorable older sister tracking down her husband in…

  • In the Cold of the Night

    In the Cold of the Night


    Did someone say... saxy sax? Y’all can keep your The Room as I lay entranced by inverted early nineties erotic thrillers and airbrushed Cali boardwalk beaches. Clearly a humanoid’s viewpoint of American culture — one that, for obvious reasons, means we most notably love babes and pizza. Underlying stings on the male fantasy in a neo-technoir playground perfect for a night of sexy brain melting. Visions of hazy FMV murder and a beautiful woman haunting our dreams in the brightest…