Suspiria ★★★★

When Dakota asked me what my wish was I replied, “please make Thom stop singing.”

This is now the foremost movie on witches and ritual — executing will, energy and intent into something bigger than yourself. The ceremony of dance is so powerful, not only by showcasing it more profoundly in this version over Argento’s, but every dance sequence exposed another element of Will to Power. 

It’s easy to read more into the film than what’s presented on the surface and for the most part, the movie is pretty clear on what it is saying. There’s always a fine line between artsy and ethereal vs. realistic and grounded for a movie not meant for general audiences. This one plays both notes wonderfully, never edging too Aronofsky and staying far away from Von Trier. 

Clearly, I think Thom Yorke’s score was fine and when we really needed a great atmospheric synth instead he gave me a solo (really, Thom? You couldn’t check your ego?) 

Yeah, I didn’t love it. Maybe I’m too critical, maybe I need to rewatch it (but then thinking of rewatching it doesn’t interest me). Maybe I’ve become apathetic to a digital bloodshed and gore fest (but then I loved other horrific sequences in this!). I’m on the Dakota train, but her unveiling was still reserved and shy. I want you to google Black Narcissus and look into Sister Ruth’s eyes.... that’s what we needed.

On principle, this is a damn fine execution and thank The Mothers there’s still a place for these movies in a world of superheroes.

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