The Killing Machine ★★★½

Sonny Chiba plays a former soldier in post war Japan who sets up a karate school and crosses paths with corrupt officials and yakuza while trying to help their victims. This movie is about six movies in one, only one of which is about Sonny Chiba kicking ass—there are side plots about war orphans, Etsuko Shihomi's one-armed brother, Chiba's friend's long lost wife, gaijin child molesters, black market profiteers, and so on. When Chiba does show up to kick ass, it's pretty good, but it doesn't happen that often—the movie is more concerned explore the environment of want and desperation during the American occupation, and how the results of the war affected the Japanese psyche.

There is a scene where Chiba scissors off a guy's scrotum and feeds it to a starving stray dog.