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  • Killers of the Flower Moon
  • Parasite
  • Sisu
  • John Wick: Chapter 4

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  • The Marvels

    The Marvels


    The Marvels was a lot of fun! 

    I saw a lot of hate for this film and I don’t understand why. The film is about the 3 marvels, how they are connected and how they can stop a dangerous threat throughout the universe. 

    It was funny, sometimes goofy and lighthearted. One particular scene didn’t make sense but enough for that one particular plot line, I can deal with it. Yes, there’s the emotional depth and seriousness throughout the story, but…

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  • Susie Searches

    Susie Searches


    It was predictable because i literally called the kidnapper within the first 20 minutes. They did have something here with Susie Searches but there were more questions than answers. 

    Even when the protagonist believes they have everything under control and don’t have ANYTHING under control. Watching Susie spiral was fun and Kiersey Clemons was great as Susie. 

    I just wanted more but I guess close but no cigar.

  • The Killer

    The Killer


    I’ve always been a fan of David Fincher and Fincher knows how to do an intense slow burner. 

     There wasn’t a lot of action but the story was interesting enough to keep my attention. I was focused and wanted to know what would be the next turn or twist to come along the way. 

    Michael Fassbender as the Killer, is a many of a few words but his expressions and subtleties showed how the man moves but even when he questions his actions, he still follows through. 

    This wasn’t the story I thought it to be, but I loved it every step of the way.

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  • Turning Red

    Turning Red


    This film is such a good time and staggeringly made. It’s a cute and sometimes, funny insight into what it’s like to be a 13-year-old trying to figure out life, along with a family curse that turns her into a red panda. Turning Red is visually beautiful and the score is definitely a nice touch. This latest entry from Disney/Pixar should’ve been in theaters. The leads were perfect and the songs weren’t bad either.  It shows a perfect depiction of what it was like in the 2000s and I would like to go back.

    Also, Disney, shame on y’all for streaming.

  • The Batman

    The Batman


    The Batman was something I didn't think I needed. I thought I would be done with Batman, but I wasn't. Everybody seemed to be skeptical about Robert Pattinson playing the titular character, but I wasn't. I knew he had the range, and he did.

    Pattinson as Batman was a hit for me. We got him as the caped crusader and almost every single scene, and he was Batman. I couldn't see Pattinson, just Batman. He played him with the right…