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  • Jeepers Creepers

    Jeepers Creepers


    One of the least flashy indie horror movies out there and that's because it's all spent on TONE. Jeepers Creepers is terrifying to me because I connect to its portrayal of lonely country highways as mere shells harboring unimaginable secrets just beneath its veneer of flat grasslands and decrepit barns.

    When you're driving down these roads, in lands you don't call home, the isolation has a way of keeping you inside the car. There aren't any street lights to guide…

  • Jack Frost

    Jack Frost


    You know, this was almost decent. Its sense of humor is appropriate for the tone of the scares, but it commits the cardinal sin of not investing enough into the onscreen presence of Frost himself.

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  • It Chapter Two

    It Chapter Two


    An opinion I had about 2017's IT was that if they had taken the extra 45 minutes and just made it a 3 hour feature, everything could be fleshed out to the point where the film won't be as rushed as it is. It seems they only half-heard me because Chapter Two is 169 minutes long and absolutely incomprehensible.

    Early on, Mike Hanlon describes Pennywise's enduring influence over the Losers as a virus that had been growing inside them for…

  • Tenet



    The tube of temporal toothpaste needed to be rolled extra tight for Tenet, so that Christopher Nolan could squeeze out two and a half more hours of his favorite existential obsession, though this one feels a bust. The film's backwards acrobatics are impressive in how meticulously filmed they are, and arranged, but ultimately they're the only aspect of Tenet that feel inspired.

    I can only guess that Nolan's writing process is to lock himself in a padded room with multiple…