The Marvels

The Marvels ★★★

the girls who get it get it, and the girls who don’t … well i feel sorry for them because it was cute

that said, taking four mcu characters that are coming off of four projects with incredibly different vibes - iman vellani coming off fun, wholesome ms. marvel; brie larson’s last full appearance was tense, emotional endgame; teyonah parris last was in wacky & wild & traumatic wandavision; and samuel l. jackson last in alien political thriller secret invasion - i feel that maybe not enough was done to make sure everyone was on the same page tonally for this project. everyone gives a good performance still somehow, but i just felt like this movie was trying to goof off a little and not everyone got the memo

i will also note that, perhaps for the first time in a mcu project, i was pretty unimpressed with some of the set construction. dar-benn’s ship looked less like a sleek, modern vessel and more like heavy wooden sets you’d use for a stage play

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