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This review may contain spoilers.

The presentation is gorgeous. From the impressively slick editing. Cinematography that had my jaw dropped scene after scene at how visually beautiful they were. The sound felt neat and tidy even though there’s distorted screams, whiny seagulls, and a wrathful storm. The acting is phenomenal. William Defoe is fucking incredible. He pulled of such a bizarre and expressive character. 
The frame of the film is what really drew me in. The claustrophobic enclosed frame from all sides really mirrors the atmosphere of resistentialism with the island.

The flow of the film with the slow crescendo of choas and desire flows so perfectly. I was so mesmerised at how genius and brilliantly crafted this film is. There are a lot of scenes that I will remember for a long while. For my interpretation I believe the film is definitely about self forgiveness with the two main characters being separate emotions to the same mind with different attitudes to the same dilemma.
The film really tries to push they are the same character by revealing Robert’s characters true name. 

William Defoe’s character was acceptance and Robert Pattison’s character is suffering in silence. They are opposites literally and physically. Roberts character is constantly burying acceptance literally and mentally.
Robert’s character has a vision of Ephraim Winslow (His false personality) at the top of the lighthouse by the light. The light is just a McGuffin conferred as the end goal. It reminded me a lot of the briefcase in Pulp Fiction.
I loved the mirroring scene of when he works with William to paint the lighthouse he falls with paint on his face and a seagull tugging on his clothes, but when he buries William and rushes to the top for the light/goal he ends up with bird shit on his face and a seagull tugging on his guts. 

And last of all the parallel between the seagull and the mermaid. The seagull is the ugliness in self hate, and the mermaid is the beauty in self love. The self hate is the reason why he is stuck on that island. The seagull is stranded on that island, while the mermaid embraces the ocean/ storm and is able to escape the island. 

Anyway fantastic film, Iv been assembling my review and interpretation for 3 and a half hours now. I can’t stop thinking about it. The writers a genius. The films a masterpiece. I loved it.

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