Ant-Man and the Wasp ★★★★

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I really enjoyed the first Ant-Man but when looking at the rest of the MCU it’s in the lower end of my rankings. The cast is great, Paul Rudd is perfectly cast in his role and the humour was on point but it has one of the worst MCU villains and a mediocre last act. 

Regardless, I have been super excited for Ant-Man and Wasp, especially after the events of Infinity War. I desperately wanted more Marvel and needed something lighthearted so this was the perfect film for that. I had such a fun time with it and was smiling throughout. The only criticism I have really is that the story was a bit predictable at times and I felt were too many subplots going on but overall it didn’t ruin the experience.

As for the cast, everyone was great. Paul Rudd is adorable, super charming and as funny as ever. As I said, he’s perfect in this role. I absolutely loved that scene when Scott was Janet. It could’ve ended up being super cringy but he nailed it. 

And the Wasp... I was disappointed we didn’t get to see Evangeline Lilly suit up in the first film but it was so worth the wait. She kills it and stole the show for me! 

Michael Peña is just something else. I only wish Luis had more screen time! I am glad they added one of his story bits in though. That was definitely a highlight for me. It seems the general consensus on Ghost has been meh but I really found the character intriguing and love how Hannah John-Kamen played her. I only wish she had been developed a bit more but hopefully this isn’t the last we see of her. 

While the first Ant-Man is in the lower end of my rankings, Ant-Man and the Wasp will be on the higher end. Cannot wait to see this again! That mid-credit scene was such a gut punch. I think we all expected one person to get dusted but not three. Obviously the big thing is Scott being trapped in the Quantum Realm. I definitely didn’t see that coming at all. It’s going to be a verrrrry long wait until Captain Marvel.