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  • The Ranger

    The Ranger


    I think this movie was attempting to riff off of Green Room, but they leaned way too hard into the “capturing the annoyance of youth” thing. I generally don’t like movies that make me feel old in the “this movie is not for you” way. So there’s some strikes against it in that sense. I would say that this is a ME problem, but I think it’s also a WRITER problem. There’s an aspect of this kind of writing that…

  • Nutsack Pt. 1: Lucifer's Cosmonauts

    Nutsack Pt. 1: Lucifer's Cosmonauts


    Masterpiece (a slight overstatement). This movie had me engaged 100%. It gives me hope for humanity, and reminds me that there is still exuberance in the world.

    I really like the SOUNDS. They were propulsive and kept me suspended in the haze. I laughed about five times and that’s more than I’ve laughed in months.

    My one criticism is not so much a criticism of the filmmaker, but just a recognition of how hard it is to capture the dx/dt…

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  • Things



    This movie could be used to teach a class about filmmaking.  It displays all the mistakes possible, and yet it seems evident that the filmmakers knew about each thing they did wrong.  It is a beautiful quilt of mistakes.  The lighting isn’t constant.  The room noise flips all over the place.  The whole movie is ADR and there was seemingly the barest attempt to make it match.  The pacing is messed up.  The tone of the movie, the motivations of…

  • Blood Lake

    Blood Lake


    I’ve been listening to this movie analyzed in detail minute by minute on Dan Budnik’s Eventually Supertrain podcast feed which is a really funny show, so this get a “liked it” rating from me on that account.  It is really terribly made.  It’s almost what you’d expect to get if you and your friends tried to make a movie once.  Maybe a little better than that.  But I actually like to see some of the effort some of the actors…