Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★★

Mysterio is by far my favorite Spider-Man villain of all time. And Jake Gyllenhaal one of my favorite actors. So him in the fish bowl? Awesome!
And you won't be disappointed. Jake kills it with his performance. He's one of the best MCU villains we had, I'd even go so far as to say better than Killmonger.
So what about the rest of the cast then? They're delightful! Everyone gets the screentime they deserve and they're all just so much fun to watch. You can really see the love and car put into the making of this. Tom Holland is the best Spider-Man actor so far and he's just so lovable every time you see him.
It's a very fun movie with a lot more jokes than I would have imagined. It isn't a typical super hero movie but more of a teenager school trip comedy. This is something I really like about MCU Spider-Man. They go all in on his school roots and have fun with it. Show him equal times being hero and just a normal kid from Queens. Therefore it becomes really easy to identify with him and that more believable when he has to make some hard choices.
Without going into any details I also have to say that the effects where great. Mysterio is a special kind of villain and they did honor that very very well. I was extremely pleased with this rendition of the character.

PS: I literally screamed at the screen during one of the end credit scenes, something which has never happened to me in a cinema before!

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