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Movie #3 - Jaws (1975)


Hooper: That's a twenty footer.

Quint: Twenty-five. Three tons of him.

My father first showed me this movie when I was really young and I mean really young but since then this movie has been one of my favorite movies and I have so much nostalgia for this movie. Last year I finally listened to the book written by Peter Benchley who has a fun cameo in the film and I really liked it but it pales in comparison to the movie which is not often the case with book to screen adaptation but what Steven Spielberg was able to do with this movie and making people afraid of the ocean is very unique and how even with the troubled production because of the animatronic shark was always breaking down that they had to become more creative by showing the shark less and somehow that made the movie way better. The banter between the main three stars is just amazing and finally the score from John Williams is out of this world and not just the main shark theme but all of the score is just so beautiful. maybe the only negative thing about this movie is how it has affected how more people see sharks in such negative light but other than that there is nothing negative I can say. Overall one of my favorites movies of all time.


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