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This review may contain spoilers.

Trying to catch up on films I missed at the cinema and saw this on Prime. I was interested in seeing this film mostly for the fact that it was made to look like it had been done in one take but also for the cast.

1917 follows a pair of young soldiers Schofield and Blake (George MacKay and Dean-Charles Chapman) as they are tasked with delivering a message that will save the lives of 1,600 men, including Blake's older brother.

This was just sheer brilliance in terms of storytelling. Utterly compelling from beginning to end with excellent main characters in the form of Schofield and Blake. Every scene is filled with so much tension and dread that it makes the impactful ending feel like a relief.

George MacKay is the standout as the quiet and determined Schofield. The scene where he is trying to get past the troops and is forced to run across the battlefield is outstanding. Dean-Charles Chapman is also excellent as Blake. His death scene is heart-breaking. Mark Strong, Andrew Scott, Richard Madden, Colin Firth, Benedict Cumberbatch and Daniel Mays provide excellent support.

This film is so impressive with what it manages to do on a technical level. Roger Deakins' cinematography is magnificent and helps set the tone within the first two minutes. The one take look of the film is wonderfully executed, pulling you right into the story with the characters.

Final thought: I am so sad I missed this at the cinema because this was incredible filmmaking.

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