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This review may contain spoilers.

The Friday the 13th marathon continues with 1982's Part 3 which was released in 3D. This is the film where Jason gets his iconic hockey mask and begins to look as he is usually represented so I was interested in seeing how that was handled. I've heard average reviews about this with a lot of people pointing out that the repeated formula is starting to wear thin and that the 3D is pointless and doesn't add anything. Regardless, I went in with an open mind.

The film follows after the events of Part 2 and follows an injured Jason (Richard Brooker) as he stalks another group of young people who have arrived at Crystal Lake.

Despite being slow and predictable, this managed to be a fun and decently written threequel. It aims to be something different with a new setting of a farmhouse which makes for an interesting setting for Jason to hunt around. Characters are the thinnest of the series so far but like the previous two there is enough to make them likeable. Jason is also a terrifying force here with Richard Brooker doing an excellent job of portraying him as this hulking, unfeeling monster.

There are also some interesting ideas like final girl Chris (Dana Kimmell) using the visit to the farmhouse as a way to confront her trauma from when she was attacked by Jason years before. This idea is well explored and helps make the slightly clunky final act so much more compelling.

Dana Kimmell is great as this film's final girl Chris. Paul Kratka is also very good as her love interest. Tracie Savage, Jeffrey Rogers, Catherine Parks, Larry Zerner, David Katims, Rachel Howard, Nick Savage, Gloria Charles Kevin O'Brien, Cheri Maugans, Steve Susskind, Perla Walter and David Wiley provide nice support.

The film's visual style is a bit basic but there are some inventive sequences like the shower death scenes of both Andy and Debbie (Jeffrey Rogers and Tracie Savage). 3D is horribly overdone and really doesn't add a thing to film. The makeup and effects look fantastic and are really memorable.

Final thought: A decent threequel that tries to be different from the previous two.

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