Midsommar ★★★★★


Take a journey into Hårga with the world’s worst boyfriend ever, Mr. Empathy himself, Christian.

Won’t spoil the actual scenes that the Director’s Cut added, but expect more development of the thesis, Dani + Christian, one more ritual (that I’m not too bummed that they left off the original cut), and basically little extra moments that make people that face a certain demise look even more like they deserve it.

I still applaud this movie. I do think that the Director’s Cut allows a little less for audience interpretation, and I guess that’s fine. Best-added scene is a Dani + Christian argument with some fine acting by Florence Pugh and Jack Reynor.

I won’t knock the star rating I initially gave because I still think it’s wonderful in all of its gleeful terror.

I’d personally stick with the main theatrical cut.

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