Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★★

Our president’s crazy, did you hear what he said?

I miss live music.

I had tickets to three shows that have all been postponed to late summer or indefinitely. It’s a minor inconvenience for myself in the grand scheme of things, obviously; but I think of all the people who are affected by the pandemic. Sound designers, lighting designers, roadies, music journalists, custodial staff, food & hospitality services, the musicians themselves (especially the ones who only get cents off of streaming) — list goes on and on.

But thank you to David Byrne, Talking Heads, and Jonathan Demme for a goddamn good time under my roof.

You guys weren’t kidding. This really is the best concert film of all-time. I’ve been to my fair share of shows, but the energy was radiating off my screen.

David Byrne is a genius! And he has so much energy — I felt out of breath watching him dance, jog, contort, just EXIST on stage. 

The whole band is incredible. Each and every member looks like they’re having the time of their life. That’s the power of music. 

It radiates so much positivity. Open your minds to the world of Byrne if you haven’t done so yet, as I just did myself today.

Long live Talking Heads. Damn, I should’ve watched American Utopia on Broadway when I had the chance!

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