Ran ★★★★

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Another great Kurosawa movie, that many seem to call his last masterpiece and it really is an epic adaptation of “King Lear” and one of his best movies. 
The story follows an old warlord, who divides the kingdom between his three sons, but they all want to be on the top of the hierarchy and soon they are all so corrupted by power, that they fight each other and their father.
Like many of Kurosawa’s other movies, this was a bit dialogue heavy at times, which could make some passages a bit slow, but the story still moved along nicely. The story was of course also great since it is based on a classic Shakespeare play, and it worked very well with the Japanese samurai setting too. 
“Ran” is also a visual masterpiece, since all the framing and the colors looked so great and worked so well together. I watched the 4K Blu-ray so I imagine that must have enhanced the experience even more. 
The acting was great too, but Tatsuya Nakadai was the clear standout, since he played the Hidetora character so well and portrayed a man gradually losing his mind, while reflecting on what he has done.
As I mentioned earlier in the review, the movie is very dialogue heavy, but when we got some action, it was in a large and epic scale and I even found it bloodier than in Kurosawa’s previous movies.
Akira Kurosawa still struggles to pull me completely into his movies, but I was still very impressed and he is definitely a master of his craft.

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