Skyfall ★★★★

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Bond is back in his most personal movie yet. The movie explores his past and the relationship between him and M, which was nice even though it maybe focused a bit too much on M at times. 
We see Bond fail a mission and him being presumed dead only to return a couple of months later. I liked how we saw him being broken and how he had to complete training to become an agent again. He failed the tests but M let him pass anyways and he suddenly did everything as good as usually. This was stupid and they wasted an interesting storyline by just having him be great at his job again without him even doing anything or getting PTSD or anything. 
The opening scene was fantastic and is the best and most action packed opening yet. The action was never topped at any point in the movie though, which was kinda disappointing, as the opening should set the tone for the rest of the movie.
Javier Bardem did great as the villain and his charachter really made the viewer question how trustworthy the secret service actually is. 
The other charachters were good too and i liked how they remade the Q and Moneypenny charachters to better fit the modern movies’ themes. 
I overall liked the story too but it had some slow moments and the runtime was really the movie’s biggest flaw, as it dragged a bit at times.

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