Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker ★★★

“Somehow Palpatine returned”

I have never been a huge Star Wars fan. I have seen the movies and enjoyed most of them but I don’t care much for the story so I thought I would like this movie, despite of the heavy criticism I have seen. The movie was still good but I agree with most of the criticism.
The pacing of the movie was very weird. It generally felt very fast paced and some parts of the story needed a bit more explaining, but at the same time the movie also felt long. 
The acting was a bit bad at times and compared to my memory of the previous movies this was particularly bad. 
Most of the characters had little to no depth and was just thrown in for some reason. The girl that Poe knew had almost no reason to be there and Lando only appeared as fan service, while somehow Palpatine returned with no explanation and he had too little screen time considering how big a villain he is. Rey had a fine amount of development though, and it was nice to learn more about her family and her connection to Kylo Ren.
The movie had some good visuals and the action scenes were cool, which along with some new creature designs made it interesting to see what they could come up with. 
The movie did a fine job tying up the story and it had a fine ending for the series but the way it got there was flawed.

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