The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★

This is probably the weirdest movie I have ever seen, which was a title previously held by another one of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s movies, so it is fair to say he is a very unique and creative filmmaker.
This movie is full of absurd scenes and they often come fast and uninterrupted, so it can be very difficult to make much sense out of everything, so I will probably have to watch Jodorowsky’s commentary on the movie to fully understand it. 
I was able to catch some of the symbolism, but the movie is full of spiritual stuff and other weird things like tarot cards, that I found confusing, but interesting too. 
The movie was filled with cool and twisted imagery, while the complete creative control also made many scenes full of blood, nudity or other controversial content. 
The acting wasn’t really anything special, but it worked well with all the other weirdness and apparently most of the cast wasn’t even actors, but I guess you don’t watch these kind of experimental movies for the acting. 
It sure was an experience and it sure isn’t for everyone, but I will surely have to watch it again sometime.

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