The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★★

Ephraim Winslow: Goddamn your farts! You smell like piss, you smell like jism, like rotten dick, like curdled foreskin, like hot onions fucked a farmyard shit house. And I'm sick of your smell. I'm sick of it! I'm sick of it, you goddamned drunk. You goddamned no-account, son-of-a-bitch-bastard liar! That's what you are! You're a goddamned drunken, horse-shitting, short, shit liar. A liar!

Thomas Wake: Ye have a way with words, Tommy.

I finally got around to watching this movie and the hype is real, it really is a masterpiece and it instantly became one of my favorites from the past two years. 
We follow two lighthouse keepers, who are sent to an island to take care of the lighthouse. They slowly befriend each other or, well, learn to tolerate each other at least, but their shift is unexpectedly extended and without knowing when they can come home they start to go mad, and to quote Robert Eggers: "Nothing good can happen when two men are trapped alone in a giant phallus." 
Just like in his first movie “The VVitch” this movie dealt with folklore and mythical creatures, but instead of making it the movie’s main focus, it was simply just some unexplained imagery that helped give a sense of confusion and craziness. 
The movie was incredibly stylish and it stood out in many ways. The aspect ratio, the black and white and everything just made it fit the time period so well. The dialogue was also based on unique accents of the time period and there was done lots of research to make everything just right. 
Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson played their roles perfectly and they had an equally creepy and comedic chemistry, that really elevated the movie. 
The movie had a great and bizarre atmosphere and the almost constant background noise from the lighthouse added to the insanity the characters experienced. The story added just enough confusion for us to get a feel of going mad, while still making it easy for us to follow the main story.

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