The Witch

The Witch ★★★★

This was an interesting movie, and I really liked the exploration of the early days of the belief in witches and after reading more about the movie there is a lot of stuff hinting at many of the crazy beliefs people had back then, which really showed how much research they did and even the movie’s title fits the time period (apparently most people used VV instead of W back then).
The story was an interesting look at how a witch terrorized a family, while also turning them against each other. 
The movie had a very disturbing tone that was established very early, it kinda failed to keep the same level of darkness throughout the entire movie though, but it was pretty great. 
The acting was good too and they really mastered the old accents, the movie also had many child actors, which made the good performances even more impressive. 
The movie was also technically impressive, since it was full of nice shots and I thought the sound was fantastic too. 
The movie is a slow atmospheric horror that isn’t always engaging, but when it works it works damn well and it had many creepy scenes.

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