Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★½

Tears. So many tears. Tears of laughter, tears of sadness, and tears of joy. Taika's a master.

Although Jojo Rabbit is not my favorite Taika Waititi film, it's an absolutely marvelous celebration of kindness and satire of hate and one of my favorite movies of the year. It's the second that I've seen in a row that follows unreliable narrator that's only unreliable because it's a ten year old child. His imaginary friend Hitler, brilliantly played by Waititi, is used tastefully yet sparingly, perfectly balancing the comedic situation of it all as well as the drama of a young boy struggling with who he wants to be during one of the most emotionally distressful times for just about everybody. I've always said that Waititi's the master of the "Melancomedy" and I still stand by that point with this film. My slight complaints with this film lay within the rather obvious comedy in the first act and there wasn't enough development within Jojo's family for me. All the performances were fantastic though, I wouldn't have been able to have been so emotionally attached to these characters if they weren't. Overall, Jojo Rabbit was my most anticipated of the Fall movie season and I was not disappointed. After Ad Astra, The Lighthouse, and then this, it feels great to finally be in Oscar season!

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