Black Moon

Black Moon

Unfathomably stupid. I can't believe this is a Louis Malle film... I figured this would be one of those that would resonate with me purely for the fantastical elements and the dreary, bucolic scenery but, no such luck. Nothing like what the LB headliner implies in all caps with copious amounts of cringe—just because the protagonist is a lost, young girl with weird things happening doesn't make it like Alice in Wonderland...

Halfway in it's totally bereft of exposition. I suppose it hopes the strange scenes and vacuous dialoge will cajole you into entertainment. It also doesn't help that from the very start she doesn't even speak until almost twenty minutes into the freaking movie! You're no Tarkovsky, Malle!

Further along, we are treated gratuitously by a woman breastfeeding an elderly woman, among other oddly perverted scenes. As a film critic of the time put it on the film's wiki: "Suckling as it does from the budding teat of preadolescent sexuality, it’s not surprising that Black Moon is a tad Malle-nourished." Ha.

Don't be fooled by the directorial lead you'd assume would be reliable. Or the captivating poster... So many awesome films with garbage posters on here, and yet, this one gets a super neat one. Shame.

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