Parasite ★★★★★

My second viewing of this hot slice of Oscar winning pie was somehow, and I know this might sound far fetched.....even fucking better. I know your thinking HOW ! HOW ! How can things improve, but dont worry young one, daddy Bong has got us and he will protect you from all the trash that litters the screens in this post-Oscar season apocalyptic waste land we all call ‘February and March’ YUUUUCKKKK. 

I had not only the joy of watching this again but also being surrounded by what I suspect were many new comers to the movie as my cinema has just started showing it and I seen it on a special screening my first time. One of these people being my gf who also loved it which made me v happy because now I don’t have to dump her. 

Every aspect of this film is steeped in creativity and genius, however one part stuck out for me especially this time, it’s when the family are trying to get their mother in as the maid and the lengths they go to and detail that is thought through by them, when they are play acting at home, following the maid to the hospital, the peach fuzz, the hot sauce packet, the timing all set to classical music reminded me v much of Stanley Kubrick in a way, I was just sat there while I suspect the rest of the audience were stunned in silence on what they were seeing with a big grin on my face like ‘IS EVERYONE FUCKING SEEING HOW GOOD THIS IS, ITS FUCKING CLASS INNNNITTTTTT :)))))?????’

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