Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★★

it's all in the details — in what you see when you pay attention. because greta knows that everything small amounts to something bigger. the small disappointments, like hearing what your daughter tells people about where you live. like seeing the teacher you have a crush on with his pregnant wife, or someone you like blurting out that they hate your favorite song and feeling the curtain fall in that moment.

it's in the small celebrations. the moments when you first fall for someone and can't wait to write their name somewhere, cementing them into your memory & allowing them to exist outside of you. tracing your finger over their name like it somehow brings you closer to them. like they can feel it. it's in the moment when you have a piece of mail in your hand, and you think you know what inside, but you let the anticipation bubble inside of you for a minute. those last moments of the unknown.

it's in the places that you know and the roads that you've been down a thousand times. so that you could close your eyes and still feel when your parents are about to turn into your driveway. it's in the leaving, and finally seeing who and what you'll part with. and what will change. what will still stay small when you try to find something bigger, or search for something more.

lady bird leaves home, but she still yells out the window to a star that connects her to a boy she once laid with in an empty garden. she still listens to the music she loves. she carries around her tracking device, and visits a places that reminds her of her smallness, and makes the choice to call the person who she left behind. because in that moment, all the small things add up, and become everything.

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