Little Women

Little Women ★★★★★

it’s been discussed a lot how greta wrote the screenplay with lines overlapping and how there had to be a rhythm to it, but it also seemed as though the tender physical contact was constantly overlapping as well - hands intertwined, casual leaning on shoulders or laps, arms linked, faces being held between one hand or two. someone was always in contact with someone else, sometimes being passed between two people. the march family at the center of it all, always offering comfort & a companion. 

i also loved the way everything flicked from present to the past. greta, showing again, how she’s a genius in connecting the dots & circling back, showing how we as humans change, and sometimes how we don’t change at all. showing us what it means to discover the loneliness inside us when that closeness & constant tenderness isn’t so constant anymore. 

i read something recently where greta said she makes films for the nerdy girls who watch things 20 times just to discover all the little hidden details she hid away for them. i guess it’s safe to say that i’m looking forward to my next 19 viewings.

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