Little Women

Little Women ★★★★★

greta plants so many seeds in the text that come back to absolutely destroy me later on.. like amy saying she didn’t love fred the way she should, and laurie, in that moment, finally realizing what jo meant when she said the exact thing to him when he proposed. he understood the feeling jo lacked, how things sometimes don’t click in place the way they should. or how laurie tells jo he knows one day he will watch her be in love with someone else, only for the opposite to be true. jo is the one coming downstairs, watching amy & laurie end up together. she sees them intertwined from behind, and feels a part of her break. 

it even exists in the rhythm of the text. how when we first meet amy & laurie in the park, they are responding to each other before sentences are complete; knowing what the other will say before the words even leave their mouths. greta establishes from the beginning a certain glow that exists just between them.

i love how everything is perfectly laid out, only to be discovered deeper with each rewatch.

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