Marriage Story

Marriage Story ★★★★★

maybe i stan noah & greta after all!!
you can’t help but see greta’s voice seeping into noah’s work. or maybe it’s the way their work has a certain language that they’ve crafted together. like their own little universe. like charlie & nicole making eye contact across the bar, sharing a moment, even when things are falling apart between them. because love is about finding that space, that connection, even in a room full of people. or charlie singing the same sondheim song used during the audition scene in lady bird. or charlie getting heated about losing the couch to nicole & how his delivery reminded me of frances calling sophie after she moved out, yelling about their tea kettle & reminding her that they bought it together. or the way the letters charlie & nicole wrote about each other felt so similar to the letters marion wrote to lady bird, especially when the one to charlie reappeared at the end. 
very happy to be alive when the gerwig/baumbach cinematic universe exists!! and also very happy that in a few days this will be on netflix & i can listen to adam driver sing sondheim as much as my heart desires!!!!!

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