Meet the Filmmakers: Josh and Benny Safdie

Meet the Filmmakers: Josh and Benny Safdie ★★★★½

it’s easy for me to start watching something by the safdies and then wanting to revisit everything from them just to keep up that same level of energy and excitement. you can tell their love for filmmaking comes from a place of love for their family, for nyc, for the strangers you see on the street, and just for creating something that makes all that blend together and become real. i love watching how benny & josh work together and meld their talents. i love watching them tell stories over each other, listening to their words collide. i love watching them play with their ideas and talk about the projects. just overall the sweetest, short doc that highlights everything that draws me to them & fuels the love i have for them <3

edit: and shoutout to benny’s poster of peter falk in husbands we love to see it

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