Midsommar ★★★★½

funny how my two comfort films released this year (midsommar & marriage story) are both break up films........ that’s mental illness luv. 

in the end though, they both boil down to convey similar messages. a lack of love, of passion, of understanding. ignoring what someone needs & wants. in midsommar, it comes down to the moment where dani is asked by pelle if she feels held by christian. and in marriage story, as least for me, i’m confronted by the same realization through charlie’s performance of being alive. it’s a song that implies that to be alone is to lack life. it begs for comfort & support. 

i guess it says a lot that i have found my comfort & support through florence and adam’s performances this year. they’re made me feel seen, and by extension, have helped me to feel both held & alive❣️

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