Nomadland ★★★★½

we remember because it’s the way to make the temporary come back for a moment. 

can i tell you a story? i had a very magical birthday this year. it was in october & was on the same night as a virtual album release show. so i invited some of my friends to meet me at the ‘gig’ to celebrate together. i crowned myself with a celebratory headband, like the one fern wears on new year’s eve, had some drinks, but worried i would still feel alone. but the thing is... i didn’t. and neither did anyone else. my friend’s encouraged everyone to wish me a happy birthday in the chat, and at the end i was in an empty room, but it felt like i was left to clean up after a party. like everyone was there at one point. like the room was lived in – empty glasses, small stacks of plates. it was a temporary feeling, but it lives. 

fern’s new life is full of what’s temporary. so she keeps reflecting on what once felt steady that she can’t return to. but she navigates the newness with curiosity, finds the ways to celebrate with only herself, and help others along the way. and someday she’ll be able to remember everything she built after her husband’s death, and that will live too.

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