Synecdoche, New York

Synecdoche, New York ★★★★

i liked this way more on a rewatch, but i still have a hard time digesting my feelings about it, or figuring out what it digs up for me. i think the idea i lean into the most revolved around connection, and our hope to be seen & to be valued for what we create. but when you realize that everyone is setting out to achieve that in some way, we see we are failing to authentically connect with each other and are more so trying to fulfill our own desires.  but at the same time, what we are, and therefore what we create, is made up of everyone we know. and we all swim in the same pool of fear, and love, and hope, and feed each other ideas that were fed to us by someone else. it is comforting and isolating. we have everything we need to connect, because the fibers that we’re comprised of are the same, but these tides carry us away from each other. so when a wave does bring you close to someone, or some idea, you need to hold onto it. until the next wave comes... until you are washed away.

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