Assassination Nation ★★★½

A better the purge movie than the last 2 the purge movies.

First of all let me start by saying that I fucking loved this. I have to admit this movie has a lot of flaws hence why even tho I loved it I gave it 3.5. That being said the movie is a blast. Very timely, fresh, visually stunning and had some of the coolest shots I've seen this year.
The cast was great for the type of movie that this is.. its a social satire, over the top that doesn't have to be taken serious in order for you to enjoy everything that happens in the movie. Lets just say that if you're very conservative this wont be for you.. STAY AWAY. If you cant handle violence also stay away. If you get easily offended STAY AWAY. Like I said you need to be open minded to enjoy this. There's a lot to take in. But its all fun. The really give zero fucks.
Its probably one of my favorite movies of the year... why? its just so idk unapologetic. They went for over the top and pulled it off. The actresses were great. Its all about them. The main girl(forgot her name) was so badass. Bella Thorne was born to play characters like this. She wasn't on the movie much but I cant help but think she should be on American Horror Story.
Overall.. its just so fucking fun. Its dark humor, sarcastic, over the top, unapologetic, very current, violent... whew. Just go watch it. I went on Friday night @ 10 pm and me and my friend were the only ones there so it clearly needs support. Neon bought this for 10 million @ Sundance(LOL) and hmm yeah. Just go watch it.

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