Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★½


Second watch and its just as fun as the first time. One of the most fun experiences at the movies this year. Horror-comedy is a hit or miss for me but this is one its definitely a winner. Entertaining, perverse, thrilling, ridiculous and over the top Ready or not is a must see summer movie.

The cast full of character actors is so good. They all get a chance to shine with some of their one liners, Stands our for me were Adam Brody and Andie McDowell but the MVP is Samara Weaving, As fun as this is I don't think this would've been as good as this is without her. What I like about horror is that it always gives females a chance to be leading stars and potentially lead to more prestige movies. I hope Samara breaks out she's so fucking good and this was a star making performance. Is there anything more badass that says I am the baddest bitch than Samara in a ripped wedding dress, covered in blood and wearing yellow converse fucking shit up? I think NOT.

Not much to say about its premise, its simple and effective and you pretty much know it from the trailer but that doesn't make it any less fun and exciting. Please go watch it if you haven't. Ready or Not its a Fox Searchlight movie and FOX was bought by Disney lets show those greedy mfs original adult oriented movies are still desired not just their MCU and remakes. This was made for only 6 million dollars which is nothing compared to most big movies nowadays. It proves movies don't need to be an spectacle, full of explosions and CGI to make it entertaining. More movies like this please.

Have a good week. Thanks for reading.

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