Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★½

- Nick Fury; Bitch, please. You've been to space.

Had to start with my favorite quote of the movie LMFAO. I had to ask my friend if that's really what he said LOL. Anyways... what a weird Black Mirror and tamed kid friendly Euphoria crossover we got.

I think I'm just not the biggest Marvel fan. I enjoy their movies as a way to hang out with friends but most of them just feel overrated to me. Just for the moment. This was no difference. Visually I cant say anything bad about it. Their movies always have top notch visuals. They know their audience, they know what they want and they give them the same thing. That's not bad for them I guess. They keep making a lot of money from these movies. For me... that's my biggest issue. I don't think many agree with me but they just feel very safe, hardly ever take any risks.

The good:
Jake Gyllenhaal. Always a great and very underrated actor. I really enjoyed him. Glad to see he was finally cast in a movie people will actually see.
Zendaya: Love her
The black mirror ish "fight"

Overall... it was nice movie. Don't think because I rate 2.5 I mean its bad. Its not. Like I said, Marvel fans will love it. It just doesn't do anything for me personally.

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