Suspiria ★★★★½

This is my reaction to this movie summed up in a gif if you don't wanna read just click on the link(letterboxd should allow gifs btw lol).

Holy mother! suspirium of sliced pears. I had my mouth open for at least three scenes. Let me start off by saying this. If you hated mother!, Hereditary, sorry to bother you, annihilation, the witch, etc etc. This wont be for you. Save your money and your time. IF you loved those like I did... this is right up your alley and holy shit what a movie this is. Its a slow ride that slowly descends into hell. With a batshit crazy third act that makes you wonder how the fuck did this come from the same guy who just last year gave us one of the best romance movies(Call me by your name)?

This movie is the complete opposite of that. This is a dark, hell of a movie. The cinematography is beautiful just like it was on CMBYN, the quality and direction is top notch again and the performances are INSANE. Luca really is one of the best directors of our time so versatile and one that can get the most and best out of his actors.

Suspiria 2018 is better called inspired by the original Suspiria. Its not really fair to call it a remake because its not. Its backbone its the same as the Argento classic. An American girl pursuing her dreams of being a dancer comes to a prestigious dance academy where nothing is what it seems and wicked things hide behind its walls. But make no mistake this movie is also different. Long gone are the amazing use of primary colors that made Argento such a classic. The use of colors is different here trading that for greys, winter ish colors, looks. New characters and a different added story and ending also make it very different.

Dakota keeps proving herself and her doubters just like Kristen Stewart has after 50 shades and Twilight. She is good actress when the role demands it. She did her own dance and wow. Not only her but everyone in the movie danced their asses off. The dance sequences were so beautiful and outstanding. I keep thinking about the dance scene with the red outfits wow. What an achievement. Probably one of my top 3 favorite moment in movies this year. I just cant get it out of my head. I wanna watch it ASAP just for that scene. Tilda was amazing as usual playing 3 roles. Mia Goth impressed me so much here as Sara. Never really paid attention to her before but she got me here. Maybe be the lowkey MVP of this movie. Sadly, I missed Moretz first scene cuz my friend was late but I heard its too much and over the top lol. I was annoyed we missed that. The rest of the cast(I assume German actresses) as the witches were really good with what they got as well.

Overall guys, this is definitely one of my top 10 movies of the year. Its so different than the original yet share the same substance. Its gonna be divisive. There's a scene where Dakota's dance is some kinda voodoo.. and well Im not gonna say more and the ritual scenes as well that I think will make some people dislike this for being "too graphic". This is what remakes should be like without being the same as the original and offering new things to the original story for a new generation. This is why I love independent cinema so much. They go to places mainstream cinema and big studios would not dare and would not allow them to. Sadly I doubt non cinephiles will like this... I expect an F cinema score lol. General public will hate this. But if you love movies go watch this. Art house horror keeps delivering and it should be supported. More like this please. Cant wait to watch it again.

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