The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★

Willard Russell: Lord, this here is my boy’s dog. We loved him. He loved him. Now you take him!

Well damn. That was my first thought after finishing this movie. I actually liked it quite a bit.

The devil all the time really earns its name as it’s basically everyone trying to be more evil than the person in the previous scene and boy do they keep topping each other.

The movie is brutal! It’s graphic af, it’s nasty, very fucking violent. I know a lot of people criticize that about movies but I don’t mind violence in movies. Not every movie has to be super happy and cute. Evil exists too. I can understand why people are put off by this but it didn’t bother me here. Since the very first minutes the movie sets its tone and that’s what you’ll get from start to end. You get no breaks from that.

Some of the buzziest younger actors are in this and while the movie won’t go anywhere awards wise I have one wish: Robert Pattinson. Good lord is he good in this. He really transformed into this evil preacher. Yes he still looks like Robert but god damn he is terrifying in this. Spider-Man boy is ok actually. He held his own against the rest of the cast. I never liked him in spider man. The women all got shitty roles but I loved seeing them on screen. Riley and Bennett are two of the most underrated actresses right now. Eliza scalen is a rising star and she deserves to be. I know she’s gnnna have a bright future. Oh... and Sebastián stan lol liked him on this. He got “fat” for this role. Clarke was literally the same role he plays in every movie he’s in. I almost forgot about mia Poor her.... she’s also another underrated actress who deserves better. Bill also got a nice role to showcase his talents after IT.

This is not an “enjoyable” movie. It’s a hard watch but it’s a very easy movie to digest for everyone besides the violence. Perfectly suited for a Netflix audience. It won’t ask much from
You ala I’m thinking of ending things. It’s worth watching to see some of the cast finally Doing something besides their superhero roles.

The devil all the time is now streaming on Netflix.

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