When They See Us

When They See Us ★★★★★

Wow.. I am speechless. I hate when people trash Netflix yet them, along with HBO keep giving QUALITY TV shows. Their movies are hit or miss(more miss than anything lol) but the way they keep putting some of the best TV shows its outstanding. They did it again.

Ava Duvernay fires back at her doubters after the wrinkled misfire last year and damn. I hate to box her into something but this is what she does best. Intimate stories that need to be told and known to some and shine a light for them. What she created with this series is brilliant. I doubt I'll se something that makes me as angry anytime soon. Angry @ the US system failing POC people once again(as always) because some evil racists decided to and went along with it. Its crazy to think this actually happened and keeps happening today. Ava and Netflix thank you for this. I really hope those monsters involved in the investigation especially the one played by Felicity see this and consumes her ass for the pain she caused and the years these men lost because of her wanting to close a case.

The whole cast was great but hands down Jharrel Jerome. Holy hell. What a performance. Its crazy how they made him look so young then look old enough to be the older version. He was good in Moonlight but here he finally got to show what he got. Episode 4 was the most powerful and its all mostly cuz of him and his portrayal as Korey Wise. Wow. I was shocked at how great he was. I hope the Emmys don't ignore him for not being a bigger name. Hand down to all of them and all the people who worked on this and made it possible. Such an eye opener for the people who still think authorities do not discriminate against POC. This a must watch. Not an easy watch tho but necessary. I doubt we get something as perfect as this this year and its only June.

When they see us is now streaming @ Netflix.

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