Burning ★★★★½

Alienation is an endlessly complex topic, convoluted at a psychological level. Now add class consciousness to the formula, plus psycho-sexual dependence. It's a big chump to digest and yet Chang-dong Lee manages these topics in the most humane, gritty and realistic way possible. Metaphors collide in a sea of mysteriousness, characters are dissected to their primal instincts and fears, and the About Elly (2009) syndrome that can be tracked down all the way to Antonioni is the card played in this film to catalyze social alienation, the feeling of not belonging to the lifestyle of a social class, and why not, psychopathy. Immensely profound with stunning images of poetry, this statement hits hard on the pride of many and on the loneliness of others, offering little room for hope but a lot of room for redemption.

Time destroys everything.


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