Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange ★★★

Ant-Man (2015) was the first proof I needed to witness how the ideological boundaries of the MCU could elevate the director’s quality to a degree that he had never reached before. Peyton Reed had quite a bad comedy career behind him and with the Marvel Studios giving him a “go” he was able to create his most entertaining film.

Scott Derrickson is no exception. Having made extremely generic horror films, with one of them being a painfully ridiculous sequel, he expands his vision through cyriak-influenced hallucinogenic depictions of the multiverse with metaphysical possibilities that would make said YouTube artist probably raise his eyebrow in a sign of approval even if CGI is the fuel that powers this ambitious horse. Add some anime influences and mind-twisting perceptions of reality from Nolan’s Inception (2010) and you’ve got another solid “origins” introduction story of the component of events that will take place at a larger scale in the future with Infinity War. He still commits the childish sins of including jump-scenes as the bad manners he learned from his average career in horror, but this marginally surpasses the quality of all introduction stories of the first stage of the MCU and utilizes fairly the opportunities granted by the scope of the comic-book universe.

It is worth a shot as the director’s best film. I might not be a huge fan of the modern superhero cinematic frenzy, but it is rather humorous how Stan Lee’s huge creativity keeps putting in a better position the names of directors with somewhat shameful careers. Paradoxically, though, big and more renowned directors like Kenneth Branagh suffer a decay in quality, so perhaps they should stay away from the interests of big studios unless the financial motivation is, nowadays, their main incentive in the industry.


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