The Mist

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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Seldom have I seen characters behaving so stupidly throughout a feature film.

Rarely have I seen a film that is so predictable to the core.

I'll mention a few aspects in order to save valuable writing space and also minutes of my precious time:

A) The mysterious mist has just killed a man that ran towards his car. Doesn't matter. Turn on the generator because "I have no evidence that you heard something behind that metal door"! Woops, giant tentacles with claws just ate Normie! (tentacles, dear God...)
B) If you are going out to get medicines from across the street, be sure to tell your kid before so that he is dead worried for you until you come back.
C) The bug didn't kill the religious psycho! She is the Queen of the Damned... Of the Damned Insects!
D) Whenever you try to scare giant bugs with a broom set on fire, make sure you nearly set the whole damn supermarket on fire.
E) When you are in an infested drugstore and you already have the medications you need, stay a while longer so that curiosity kills the cat. There is an audience watching, and we need more deaths!
F) Even if we went out to the mist in a group that stay closed the first time, don't do it the second time. We need the biggest insect to kill a major character before the four survivors can run away in the car.
G) Let's subliminally suggest to audiences that religion is a demented plague of people that think irrationaly and can be as dangerous as zombies. The "people will resort to any Divine power in a situation of fear because we are intrinsically demented" argument is bullshit. But oh wait! Now the religious people are assassins. What a positive suggestive comment towards religion, huh?

And it goes on. I predicted: that nobody would believe the protagonist in the beginning until somebody got killed, that people would attempt to go outside just to be killed, that people would be killed in the drugstore for STUPID reasons, that there would be only 4 bullets left... etc., etc.

Sounds like I hated it. I did, but the very overrated director Frank Darabont made up for several mistakes previously done with the apocalyptic sense he could create in the last 20 minutes, and the ironically moronic ending, all if it wasn't for the corny score that was making my ears hurt. Is that the score of the end of the world, or of a Middle East armed conflict involving Iran or the Jihad?


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